Refine Bobs - Day course Monday 24th October

Refine Bobs - Day course Monday 24th October

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Its so common to to get to the end of our training and we are just about to go on the floor and lack confidence. We can do the haircut but we haven’t learned the tricks and tips yet that elevate it from run of the mill to beautiful .

On our refine bobs course we take a hairdressing staple , the bob and change your view of it from boring older generation haircut to something refined chic and current . we will hone your technical result to help you create beautiful bobs every time .


What you’ll learn

  • Identifying face shapes and hair types for suitability
  • Mapping baselines to get predictable perfect results every time
  • Managing expectations
  • How to cross check
  • How to create movement without traditional layering
  • How to enhance natural movement n the hair when styling


What to expect on the day

Look and learn demo model

Interactive theory

Hands on learning session using tuition heads – one per person


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