botanical kinetics™ pore refiner

botanical kinetics™ pore refiner

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Sweet Clover + Beta Hydroxy Acid serum.

Smooth the way. Purifies and minimises the appearance of pores. Treatment serum that gently resurfaces the skin’s texture for smooth, poreless-looking skin. 97% naturally derived* vegan, cruelty free.

Sweet Clover: Over 10,000 stem cells are infused into each serum to help purify and tighten pores, and helps increase epidermal thickness.

Plant-Derived Beta Hydroxy Acid: Beta hydroxy acid, a salicylic acid naturally derived from the leaf of wintergreen, penetrates pores to break apart impurities.

Clinical Results:

  • 90% of panelists demonstrated a significant improvement in purified pores after four weeks**
*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water using the ISO standard.
**Clinical testing on 31 women after using the product for 4 weeks twice daily.

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